Sewing challenged? Add a bottle of fabric glue to your order and attach your patch permanently to your garment.

Use this checklist to choose your glue. Notice which glues can be dry cleaned, if that is what your project needs. Also notice the time required for Aleene's glues before garment can be worn or washed.

One tube will affix 30 patches and costs $5.


Aleene's Fabric Patch and Applique Glue

Aleene's Platinum Bond
Super Fabric Glue

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Glue

Patch Attach

Wash & dry Y Y Y Y
Dry clean N N Y Y
Time required to apply 0 min 0 min 0 min 15 min
Time required before wearing 2-6 hours 2-6 hours 2-4 hours None
Time required before washing 3 days 3 days 2 days None
Toxicity: Non-toxic Toxic, use ventilation Non-toxic Non-toxic
Best used for: Woven shirts Fabric to non-fabric

Also caps, bags, knit or fleece shirts

Woven shirts Woven shirts
Basic application method Apply glue, press together Apply glue, press together Apply glue,  press together Apply glue, wait 15 min., press together, iron


Aleene's Fabric Patch & Applique Glue

Fabric glue for patches - washable and dryable

Apply glue and press together

Wait 2-6 hours before wearing

Wait 3 days before washing


2 oz.


 washable fabric glue Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Fabric Textile Adhesive

Fabric glue for patches - washable and dryable

Apply glue and press together

Wait 2-6 hours before wearing

Wait 3 days before washing

2 oz.

This product has cancer warnings on the back - the instructions say to apply it a well-ventilated area. We are now offering another fabric glue by the same manufacturer (above).

This is a better glue if you are gluing your patch to non-fabric, such as leather, wood, perhaps nylon. It is the strongest glue we offer and is also recommended for caps which have a curved surface.

Aleene's Fabric Fusion Pen

Fabric glue for patches - washable and dryable and dry cleanable

Apply glue and press together

Wait 2-4 hours before wearing

Wait 2 days before washing


.63 oz


dry cleanable fabric glue Beacon Craft Products Patch Attach

Fabric glue for patches - washable and dryable AND DRY CLEANABLE - requires home iron

Apply glue, wait 15 minutes, press together, iron, and go


1 oz.

See detailed instructions below

Here are the detailed instructions for Patch Attach which are also included with your order. Look them over now and see if Patch Attach is for you.

These instructions are intended to supplement the package instructions. Your patch has been made using a 400-degree process, and Patch Attach also uses heat. There will be a slight migration of dye to your pressing cloth from your patch but the patch will still look as vibrant as ever. A sample patch in 2 pieces is enclosed for you to test with, and to compare the non-attached with the attached patch to assure yourself the dye migration from your new patches will be minimal. If you are doubtful about using Patch Attach, then please just sew on the patches! You may return the unopened package of Patch Attach and we will credit you the full $5 plus your shipping cost of ~ $.60.

Patch Attach works best onto cotton fabrics. Patterned polyester fabrics may be damaged as the heat from the iron may cause the dyes in your fabric to reactivate. Also see the package instructions about other fabrics to avoid.

Unscrew the lid and remove the inner seal.
Snip a small amount off the applicator tip
Apply a small but steady amount to the edge stitching on the back of the patch. Do not get too close to the outer edge so that the glue won’t ooze out onto the garment when you iron it. Do not apply glue to the interior of the patch.
Let the glue dry at least 20 minutes.
Set your iron to its hottest setting with no steam.
Place the patch in its desired location and cover with a cotton pressing cloth. An old t-shirt works well. Make sure each patch you apply with Patch Attach uses a fresh section of the pressing cloth, since a small amount of the dye on the patch will reactivate and could be redeposited if that section of the pressing cloth is re-ironed.
Press with heavy pressure for 60 seconds. Move the iron around a little.
Turn garment over and press from the other side for 30 more seconds. Be sure the patch is in contact with a fresh section of the pressing cloth in case the dyes migrate.

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