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Custom dyed patches with unlimited color and detail

Our patches are durable, waterfast, and a great alternative to embroidered patches.  They are fabric patches with pre-sewn edges, but the design is dyed on instead of stitched on.

The process is called dye sublimation which uses 400-degree heat and special inks, and the image is permanently dyed sub-surface into the fabric.

The only stitching is the border.

printed dye sublimation patch

Here is a partial list of the advantages of our sublimated dyed patches:
To be fair, here are some limitations of our patches:

Below are photos of an embroidered patch we were asked to reproduce, with the embroidered on the left and our dyed version on the right. We add drop shadows to most text to simulate three-dimensionality. Note that the lettering is actually more readable in our dyed version. Click on the image to view dye detail.

embroidered vs. dyed patches
compare embroidered to dye sub
compare embroidered text to dyed text

Here is a patch with white edges, where the design could dye all the way through to the edge for a unique look.
camp patch

We are very proud of our patches! Read some of our customer's comments.

The patches look great. We still marvel over the nice job you did with our drawing! E.S., NY

I was really really pleased with our Chinese symbol patches we ordered. Thanks again. D.S., MN

I just received the patches yesterday and they look great.I'm a newly started business and I received my 2nd service call this morning. I was in such a hurry to sew one of the patches onto my shirt so I could look a little more professional when I got to her house this morning. The job went well and I hope to get a lot more business. Thanks for the great job. J.Y., DE

I received the patches today. THEY ARE GREAT!!!! I believe I'm starting to prefer them to the regular embroidered patches. I mailed a couple of duplicates from the first time to a friend. I'll find out what he thinks when I get my next shipment from him. I also sent some patches to a retired Marine. I'm sure they'll like them very much, but initially they take some getting used to. But, once I got the rest of my order in, I am extremely pleased. I'll spread the word about you folks! T.G., IL